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Friday, February 8, 2013

Ten Reasons to Eat Ice Cream in Winter

There's a blizzard raging outside my window now, but that's no reason to avoid the grand dame of all desserts --  ice cream.  Plus I want to share a wonderful photo essay, Ten Reasons to Eat Ice Cream in Winter by Heather Phelps-Lipton (which features ACakeBakes) that was just published on Nona Brooklyn, a delicious food blog.  Reason #2 is "The whole warm gingerbread situation."

Heather, above, stopped by one day last week with a pint of the most delicious ice cream ever (Steve's Small Batch Bourbon Vanilla) to photograph it atop a slice of  warm gingerbread I had just pulled from the oven.  She did, and once she was finished taking pictures, I ate the gingerbread a la mode.  And after she departed, for I do have some dignity left, I devoured the rest of the ice cream.


  1. Oh Susan, I eat ice cream year round, summer might even be the time I eat the least! Can´t beat a good homemade ice cream!

    1. Agreed, Paula. And one day, I'll make some since I recently trash-picked an ice cream machine!