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Friday, August 12, 2011

Bake a Pie for Mikey

Social media creates some amazing communities and what's happening today in the baking/cooking sphere is an around-the-world baking event to show support for Jennifer Perillo, a food writer and mother of two young children in Brooklyn whose husband died suddenly last weekend. 
Jennie is asking everyone to bake a peanut butter pie (her husband's favorite) to share with someone they love to honor his memory.
Even though I've never met Jennie, I love this idea and will be baking two peanut butter pies this weekend, one from a vintage recipe and one from the recipe she has posted on her blog.  Her recipe looks like it will result in a spectacular confection.  What a lovely, loving tribute.

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  1. Yes, it was a wonderful way to honor the memory of her husband, and an honor to take part. Looking forward to your vintage recipe, Jennie's was rich and delicious---
    Kristine @ SugarBeams