Thursday, September 30, 2010

As American as Swedish Apple Pie

Hot from the oven, with a slightly caramelized top.

Last Saturday I embarked upon a baking frenzy, spending the entire day in the land of butter, flour and sugar, and at the end, I had one devil's food cake, 24 apple muffins, 16 cubic inches of gooey date pudding and this treasure -- Swedish Apple Pie. (Of course the downside to a day like this is that the dry cleaning wasn't picked up and the week's groceries weren't purchased, but those are the sacrifices one must make.)

I peeled the apples for this recipe but I'll bet you don't have to.
In many ways, this recipe was the sleeper among the bunch.  Easy as, well, pie.  Unusual in texture and, if you like your desserts very sweet, absolutely delicious.  It's perfect for the fall, especially if you end up with pounds and pounds of apples from a visit to a country orchard.

The unbaked pie.

The name, Swedish Apple Pie, is a bit of a misnomer; the only thing pie-like about this sweet treat is that it's baked in a pie pan.  It's more like a very moist cake with a slightly caramelized topping.  The only problem with this is that, like the date pudding, it's a bit homely on the plate.  It doesn't hold together in a wedge shape when removed from the pan but if you overlook its appearance, close your eyes and take a bite you can get a little bit closer to heaven.  Or maybe Sweden.

The slices weren't gorgeous, but they sure were tasty.

The recipe, from a box I purchased on eBay, is attributed to Gladys and the card was in pristine condition, having been protected in a plastic sleeve.  (I'll bet Glady's living room sofa was encased in a plastic slipcover too.)


  1. Giant mounds of homemade whipped cream make every dessert more attractive, I feel sure! That looks delicious as is, though.

  2. Homely on the plate maybe, but I'm still salivating... Love the card, too, with the lovely handwriting and sweet cuckoo clock. Yum.

  3. Hi Susan! How I stumbled upon your blog is anybody's guess but, I sure am glad I did. It's simply delicious:)

    I'm taking a bit of a blogging hiatus for the next few months but I just had to say Hi, cool recipe and bookmarked!!!

    Thanks for sharing...

  4. @Erin: Truer words have never been spoken. Plus the whipped cream would cut the sweetness perfectly.
    @Jessica: Yes, the card is a keeper. And so is the pie.
    @Louise: Thanks so much! Just checked out your blog -- amazing. I'll be awaiting your return to the blogosphere.

  5. Made this cake last night...DH and I loved how crunchy the top was. I added some cinnamon and nutmeg; next time will throw in some raisins, too. Thanks for posting - great recipe, also a fan of the blog.

  6. Sheryl: Glad you made it, and your additions sound great! If by some chance you took a picture of the pie (and you and your DH), send it along and I'll post it.

  7. I have so many apples in my fridge; I too need to embark upon an apple baking frenzy! I'm definitely going to get this recipe a try. If you like apple desserts, I recommend Huguenot Torte:

  8. Thanks, Sarah. I'll try the Huguenot Torte!

  9. Fantastic, I'm eating it right now. I knocked the sugar down to 2/3 and put it in my repetoire. Thanks!

  10. My mom used to make this for all the neighbors at Christmas when we were kids. I have great memories of her wrapping the pies loosely in foil as they came out of the over, and popping a bow on the top before sending us out into the snowy evening to deliver home made treats and a little holiday cheer. Thanks for the memories!