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Top 100 Cake Blog

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brooklyn Blogfest: Thank You!

DH and I were among the hundreds of bloggers (four of us pictured above*) who attended the wonderful Fifth Annual Brooklyn Blogfest last night organized by pioneer blogger Louise Crawford (Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn) and were lucky enough to be among the 18 chosen to have excerpts of our blogs read (performed) on stage by actors.
It was thrilling to hear stage and screen actress Charlotte Maier read a few sentences from the "About Me" section of my blog -- something I dashed off quickly and have been meaning to rewrite ever since.  But after hearing them performed by a professional, who made them sound really good (or at least not in need of an immediate rewrite) I think I'll just leave them and spend the extra time baking.

*Above, left to right, me, Beth Arky (Seventh Generation), Nancy McDermott (Park Slope Parents) and Susan Fox (Park Slope Parents).

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