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Top 100 Cake Blog

Monday, March 8, 2010

Are Even Today's Recipes SUPERSIZED?

This morning I reprised the best-ever Gold Cake with Mocha Cocoa frosting in honor of a visit this evening by my most faithful and enthusiastic reader, Margaret (who also happens to be my extremely lovely sister-in-law).

While I was frosting the cake, praying that there would be enough icing to cover the layers, I had a deja vu moment: Almost every time I make a vintage frosting recipe, there's just barely enough to cover the cake, even though the recipe specifies that it's enough for two layers.

This rarely happens with more modern recipes.

Today, abundance is, well, so abundant.  Not only is there plenty of frosting for the cake (and for DH to lick the bowl to his heart's content), but over-the-top confections are appearing in bakeries like never before.

Take the  Momofuko Milk Bar's Compost Cookie, which has pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, butterscotch and chocolate chips, among other ingredients.  It is beyond delicious, and so 2010.  It's even trademarked!

Meanwhile, I will continue to spread myself (as well as my vintage-recipe frosting) thin and will succumb to the modern luxury of a Compost Cookie whenever one is placed before me.   (Not that I'm hinting or anything, Ryan!)

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