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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cookie Kisses -- A Wonderful Christmas Cookie

It's not too late to prepare a festive, unusual, delicious-yet-light Christmas cookie.  These are spectacular and addicting (all the better to make them last minute).  This sleeper of the holiday cookie season is a snap to make and has just four ingredients:  egg whites, sugar, chocolate bits and vanilla.

Cookie Kisses are simply meringue cookies with chocolate chips folded in, though when this recipe was written, in the 1930s, chocolate chips hadn't yet been invented, so the author suggests breaking up a large Hershey bar.  You can use the convenient chips.

Just beat the two egg whites until stiff, adding the sugar while continuing to beat until the mixture is glossy.  Add the vanilla, fold in the chocolate chips and simply drop onto a parchment covered cookie sheet.  Bake for 35 to 50 minutes at 250 degrees, though I misread the recipe card (again!) and baked these at 200 for a bit longer and they were perfect.


  1. I had some left over egg whites from another recipe I was making (which used two yokes) so I decided to try this recipe. They were very good, airy and light. Perfect for after the holidays when you don't want heavy desserts for awhile.

  2. Bry: So glad you made -- and liked -- them! I hate to toss egg whites (or yolks for that matter) so it's always a pleasure to find a delicious way to use them up. Thanks for writing!

  3. Is it possible to freeze egg whites, then thaw and use them in this recipe?

    1. Anonymous - I really don't know. My baking bible, The Cake Bible, doesn't address this issue and online sites differ in their advice. You can tell right away if they're going to work though -- once you start beating them, they should expand in volume just like non-frozen ones would. If they do that, i.e., exhibit the same properties as fresh egg whites, I would think that they would make fine meringues. Good luck!