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Friday, June 3, 2011

Dessert for the Rest of Us

On Sunday, after a lively visit with DH's mother at "the institution" as she calls the assisted living residence where she lives, we stopped for dinner at Don Pepe II, a restaurant in New Jersey we'd passed many times.

This Spanish restaurant specializes in seafood (always a challenge for DH who is deathly allergic to shellfish), and everything was delicious.

I was quite looking forward to dessert, as always, but my heart sank when the waiter brought the menu.  Listed at the top was a cliche of mediocre desserts, the kind I suspect were made in an Iowa factory six months earlier and shipped frozen to restaurants throughout the country.  But then -- much to my delight  -- below that list was one that said "Home Made Desserts."  Bingo!

After a lengthy discussion with our waiter, I ordered the cherries jubilee (pictured above) and it was so fabulous, that even though I'd promised myself I'd just have a taste, I devoured the whole thing.  (I did *allow* DH a few bites, however.)

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