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Top 100 Cake Blog

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Word About Lettuce

I know this is a baking blog, but if a gal is to eat the amount of sweets she wants, she needs to supplement dessert with vegetables.

Now, I really do love salads, but I've never tasted any as flavorful as I did while vacationing on Kauai.  Whether ordered in a restaurant, or prepared by moi in our cottage kitchen with greens purchased at a farmer's market, these salads really rocked.

DH said that the lettuce tasted like soil, but not in a bad way.  And then I realized that one could "taste" the earth where these greens were raised.  Terrior is a French term used to describe certain characteristics of wine -- the geography, climate, soil and such that give the grapes their unique qualities.  And so it was with the lettuce of Kauai.

And, on that note, off to taste test some coconut tapioca pudding.

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