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Friday, February 11, 2011

My Cake Named "Best Red Velvet in Brooklyn!"

With one of the judges, Brooklyn Borough President and dessert expert  Marty Markowitz.
Breaking news on the blog front today!  My red velvet cake took first prize in the red velvet cake contest held today at The Red Show at the Brooklyn Historical Society!  The contest is part of The Red Show, organized by NYCreates, a non-profit organization of artisans.  You can visit the show today and tomorrow.

My cake took the prize for "best non-professional baker" and, shockingly, beat out all other cakes (including some from extraordinary bakeries) and was named "best in Brooklyn!"

Sam Jacobs from and Eric Wolitzky, pastry chef at  Baked, one of my favorite
bakeries in Brooklyn (and the world), took judging very seriously.

I included this picture so you could see my prizes: one for the best cake, non-professional category,
and the larger one is for best overall cake, i.e., the best in Brooklyn!
And, you can see me interviewed on Channel 12 today!

This gorgeous cake is from Home/Made, a fab wine bar and caterer in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
 It won first place in the professional baker category.

The lovely lady from Home/Made (whose name I can't remember -- Monica? Lisa?) with her beautiful
and creative cake, Marty Markowitz, Judith Eloise Hooper, the event's organizer, and me.
 When I was asked who got to eat all the cakes I bake, I told the audience, "My colleagues at Henry Street Settlement."

And here's the best news.  You, too, can bake this cake; just click here for the recipe.

A special shout-out to DH who showed up at the contest, camera in hand, to document the event.  He was so determined to get there that he even broke one of his cardinal rules and parked in a garage (after giving up on finding a meter in Brooklyn Heights).  Worth it, I say, because his pictures are great!


  1. Whooo hooooo!!! So proud of you, Miss Susan. Best in Brooklyn! Nothing can top that!

    (former Brooklyn resident, now on the Weeest Coast)

  2. Congratulations, Sue!

  3. How awesome is that?! Congratulations and great job!

  4. Thanks, everyone!
    @Leisah: Is that you in the picture? I want to correct the caption.