Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's My Birthday and I'll Bake if I Want To!

Nothing like a southern Dixie White Cake to bring some warmth on a cold February day.  And what better way to spend my birthday morning than baking a new cake.

I only had a few minutes, so I whipped up this darling and extra-delicious (thanks to the coconut) six-inch cake.  It's from the same recipe box where I had a lot of failures, so the success of this gem is a surprising gift.

Got to run, but I'll post more a bit later.


  1. Have fun baking! That's a beautiful cake - my birthday was yesterday, and I would have been thrilled to have that on the table!

  2. Thanks, Erin. And happy birthday to you! That cake tasted pretty good, at least according to my co-workers who enjoyed it today.

  3. Happy birthday! Wow what a cake. I've been in a cake-baking frenzy as well, though not using vintage recipes. My birthday is Sunday. There is a theme here!

    Happy birthday to you, too Erin. Aquarians and cake go well together, don't you think?