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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Calling Dr. Freud

I baked a chocolate birthday cake for my mother on July 22nd, her 81st birthday, which she was celebrating in Brooklyn, a slightly more happening place than Akron, where she lives.  I didn't even let the 95+ temperature stop me. (Did I mention we don't have air conditioning?)

I chose the recipe carefully, from a c. 1934 Hershey's Chocolate Cookbook I've had since forever.  I've kept track of it through a dozen moves in three states.  BUT, when I got ready to scan the recipe for my blog post, the book just disappeared.

I turned my house UPSIDE DOWN trying to find it, but all I have to show for it is a very messy house. I so wanted to share this recipe with my readers -- it's a simple, delicious, old-fashioned chocolate cake, filled with raspberry jam between the layers.  I paired it with a chocolate buttercream frosting, for my mother loves chocolate only second to her children.

And since it was her birthday, I let her choose from among my vast sprinkle collection; she selected two that I purchased at Le Bon Marche's Grand Epicierie in Paris last year.  I may have my issues with her, but I always admire her good taste.

We -- DH, DD, DS and I -- all celebrated my mother's birthday with dinner at a Park Slope restaurant, followed by dessert at home.  But instead of sharing the recipe with you, all I can share are the memories.  One day, I'm certain I'll find the cookbook and I'll hear my mother's voice:  Oh, Susie, if your head weren't attached you'd lose that too!

Bee and her birthday cake


  1. Your mother and I share a birthday!

  2. I love that you have a "vast sprinkle collection."

  3. Yes, just discovered (or perhaps re-discovered, my memory's going too) your blog, and you had me at "vast sprinkle collection." I'm another cooking-ephemera maven and baking fool, and have just added you to the highly select blogroll of my amazingly obscure blog, 'Crazy Stable.' Bake on!

  4. Happy belated b-day to Peggy.
    Sarah: Some have a weakness for shoes, I have a weakness for sprinkles.
    And @Brenda, Thanks so much, and I Like Your Blog!