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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cocoa Apple Cake

What a perfect, yet unusual, combination -- fresh apples, cocoa and chocolate.  And autumn is the perfect time to make this delicious cake, for apples are in season and chocolate always is.

Fresh apple cakes have been popular for decades -- I have about a dozen hand-written recipes in my collection, dating from about 1900 onward.  There are also a lot of applesauce cakes, a genre invented, I suppose, as a way to use the canned surplus from the apple harvest (and only recently co-opted as a way to bake with less fat, as in replace the butter with applesauce).

Out of all my recipes, I chose this one just out of curiosity: would this odd combo work?  The verdict: yes, and very well.  And even better the second day.

Let's get started.  Chop the apples into a small dice; don't worry if the the pieces aren't uniform.

This is a beautiful, smooth batter, until . . .

The chopped apples, nuts and chocolate chips are added.

The recipe, below, is unusual too.  In some ways, it's quite detailed (ingredient amounts, method) but then it fails to mention which cake pan to use (I used a 10" tube pan) or a baking time estimate (I baked it about 45 minutes).


  1. This looks completely delightful though I, too, would have been unlikely to consider combining apples and cocoa. (Does the recipe card say just 2 Tbsp. of cocoa? If so, maybe that's why the combo works well. I suppose the chocolate flavor must be kind of subtle?)

  2. Chocolate and apples!!! Oh, yeah!!!!
    Also, I have chosen you for 'The Liebster Award'! Check my Saturday post to grab your award! ;-}

  3. this looks wonderfully intriguing! Isn't it funny how baked goods are often better the second day? As my Mom would say, "all the ingrediants have had a chance to merry" :)

    When a recipe calls for margarine, do you ever switch it with butter? I'm not a margarine fan, but find a lot of the older recipes call for it.
    Thank you!

  4. @Jane: Yes,just 2 Tbsp. of cocoa powder, which colors the cake. The 1/2 cup of chocolate chips adds the stronger chocolate note.
    @SugarBeam: Thanks! Will check in a moment.
    @Margi: I always, always use butter instead of margarine. I simply don't like the flavor (or the idea of) margarine, oleo, etc., and I've never had a problem subbing butter in its place. (Though I still use Crisco in pie crusts.)