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Monday, April 25, 2011

Lazy Daisy Cake: A Vanilla Cake Brulee

There was a time in this country when many housewives would bake a cake everyday, that not baking one (or making some kind of dessert) was akin to forgoing the side dishes for a meal.

Lazy Daisy Cake is one of those cakes that many a housewife had in her repertoire.  I've discovered several similarly named recipes -- Busy Day Cake, Impossible Cake, One-Egg Cake -- all promising to get sweets on the table fast.

But Lazy Daisy Cake is more than quick -- it's light and delicious with a luscious broiled topping that's much simpler than a buttercream and more special.  In fact, it's almost like cake brulee, especially if you slightly overbroil it, as I did.


  1. This explains my MIL's habit of making desserts for every meal. It's not a habit or compulsion; it's what a good housewife does! Very sweet :-).

    Also, I can't stop staring at the picture of your broiler! Is your stove/oven exactly the same age as your recipes? That would be so fitting.

    And, I love your blog. Seeing all the original handwritten recipes is so fun and you do such a nice job of taking pictures step by step. Does it make you sad that nowadays we mostly print out recipes from the Internet instead of sharing them on handwritten note or recipe cards?

  2. Thanks, jorkar! You are a lucky DIL.
    My stove is a c. 1950 Chambers, so I guess it is about the age of some of my recipes! I wrote about it early on in my blog, under the title, A Cadillac in My Kitchen. I love the range, and I especially love the broiler which sits atop the stove, making it very easy to use. In fact, when I had other stoves, with the broiler beneath the oven, I never ever broiled anything.
    I do get a bit sad about printed out internet recipes (except when I print them out and use them myself and think, wow, this is great!) Thanks so much for your comment.

  3. My Mom used to make us Lazy Daisy Cake all the time, it was one of our favorites. Miss it. My husband doesn't like coconut or I would probably have made it at home.