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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Buttermilk Griddlecakes

Looking for the perfect pre-Passover Sunday morning breakfast?  You couldn't do much better than these buttermilk griddlecakes from the 1931 Boston Cooking School Cook Book by Fannie Merritt Farmer.

I never understood pancakes from a box mix when the homemade version is nearly as simple, and much more wholesome.

This recipe can be put together in a few minutes.  I chose this to showcase my recent purchase of Animal Farm Buttermilk, real buttermilk from an Orwell, Vermont farm, available at Saxelby's Cheese in the Essex Market on the Lower East Side.  And as DH says, buttermilk has the best pr in the food business.  Indeed, how much better do buttermilk pancakes sound than just regular pancakes.

These pancakes are both smooth and a bit crunchy, on account of the two tablespoons of cornmeal.

The recipe is below.  But how to cook? Heat a griddle or frying pan (I used an electric one) and grease or rub over with a cut turnip (I swear this is what it says in the cookbook).  Drop the mixture from the tip of a spoon and cook on one side until it is puffed, full of bubbles and cooked on the edges.  Flip over and cook other side.
Serve with butter and maple syrup (also in season right now).


  1. I want to talk to my grandmother every time I visit your site! Love it!

  2. Caitlyn: Thanks so much! And my grandmother is one of my biggest baking inspirations.