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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Popover Magic on Sunday Morning

While DH was at yoga this morning, I decided to whip up some popovers in order to add back all the calories he burned in the vinyasa class.  I'd never made them before, despite the fact that I'd bought a c. 1940s cast iron popover pan years ago.  But I have eaten them -- twice.  Once at Jordan Pond House, a restaurant in Acadia National Park in Maine, and again at New York City's Popover Cafe -- both restaurants specialize in this magical treat.

How I wish I had made a time-lapse movie of these in the oven.  For within about 30 minutes, they went from this:

to this:

These were pretty good, kind of eggy-tasting and absolutely perfect with strawberry jam.  They're best eaten hot from the oven, as they tend to deflate as time goes on.  (And, in attempt to deflate my popover-filled belly, I think I'll join DH at yoga tomorrow morning.)

Here's the recipe I used from the c. 1951 Settlement Cookbook.  It couldn't be easier and these very common ingredients provide quite an impressive and entertaining show.


  1. you're going to have to do a bikram yoga class to burn off these babies!!

  2. Next time you bake those, walk one up the block!
    Yum, they look fabulous.

  3. @Paul: Never say never, but I'll never do Bikram.
    @Marcy: Next time, I promise!