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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Say "I Do" to Matrimony Cake

Matrimony Cake (as opposed to wedding cake) is a rather plebeian affair -- simple and unadorned -- and really yummy (unlike typical wedding cakes, created for visual appeal).  Its three layers -- cooked dates sandwiched between an oatmeal-flour base and topping -- are more reminiscent of fig newtons than something served at a celebration of love.

I made this for our Mother's Day get-together last weekend, in honor of the upcoming nuptials of the DD and her longtime boyfriend who are tying the knot in a couple of weeks.  To my surprise, everyone loved it. Josh, my future son-in-law, thought this would make great energy bars for those (like him) who spend hours biking racing.

Matrimony cake requires just six ingredients; four are pictured below.

Start by making the date filling (basically dates, sugar and water cooked until it forms a paste).

Mix up the batter and put half in a round or square cake pan.  Then spread it out into a single layer.  I donned non-latex gloves to do this -- reminded me of working with play dough.

Bottom layer in the pan.

Spread the date filling on the bottom layer.  I used the back of a spoon and an offset spatula.

Next, place the top layer on the date filling.  This is a bit tricky to smooth over the filling, but it need not be perfect (see below).


Production notes:  Grease the pan. I used butter instead of shortening and a round pan.  Next time, I'd use an 8-inch square pan and cut the cake into bars.  Because the only oatmeal I had on hand was the quick cooking kind, that's what I used -- it was fine.  And there are no eggs in this batter!
For the date filling, used 8 ounces of dates and a bit less sugar. I neglected to chop the dates which slowed the cooking time.  I also kept adding water; the 1/4 cup was not nearly enough.  If you add too much water, you can just cook the mixture down until it's of spreading consistency.


  1. I can't wait to try this. I think I will cut into bars for snacks!

    1. Wonderful idea -- this would be perfect for bars. Thanks for writing!

  2. I can't wait to try this. I think I will cut into bars for snacks!

  3. Wonderful idea, Thanks for writing!