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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Colonial Carrot Pecan Cake

I'm not a fan of vegetable cakes -- vegetables are what one consumes in order to eat more cake and still fit into one's clothes.  But this unusual carrot cake is an exception. And you can probably have an extra slice since the frosting is a light orange glaze, not a diet-torpedoing rich cream cheese frosting.

This vintage  (c.1950) recipe requires grating carrots.  But in 2013, that task is easily accomplished in a food processor.  The recipe quick and simple and, except for the glaze, is all made in a single bowl.

Mix the ingredients together, adding in the carrots and pecans last.

Pour into a 10-inch tube pan and bake for about an hour.

When cool, turn out from the pan.

Using a long serrated knife held horizontally, slice the cake into three layers.

Next make the glaze, if you didn't do so while the cake was baking.

Spoon the glaze on to the bottom layer, and top with the middle layer. Repeat and do save some glaze for the very top, as it is the "frosting."

I followed this recipe exactly, except I didn't spread the glaze on the sides of the cake (because I didn't see that instruction until just this minute!).

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